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Case Study

Where’s My Share

By 20 February 2022January 18th, 2024No Comments
Pharma Market Share Case

Indian Pharma MNC goes digital to tackle lost market share

About the Industry Partner

Our Industry Partner is one of the premium branded generic pharmaceutical companies of India. With focus on almost all the major therapeutic areas, this report covers the challenge faced by them in the 3 molecules in the management of osteoporosis namely; Calcium, Vitamin D3 & Teriparatide.

Calcium & Vitamin D3 helps in meeting insufficient dietary requirements associated with osteoporosis.

Teriparatide, a biosimilar helps in building new bones in cases of severe osteoporosis.

Business Challenge

Company was losing market share to its competitors for all the three molecules in both prescription & OTC markets.

We identified the following key concern areas.

Primary target audience
(covered by sales team)
  • Low brand recall
  • Inconsistent HCP engagement
  • Quality gaps in sales team’s messaging
  • Insufficient coverage of remote HCPs
Secondary target audience
(not covered by sales team)
Rheumatologists, Gynecologists, Consulting Physicians & General Physicians
  • Low brand awareness
  • No scientific engagement
  • Poor sales team coverage
  • Gaps from channels on messaging

Identified Key Objectives

Evidence-Based Positioning

Create & leverage evidence-based content to educate identified target audience on calcium, vitamin D3 & teriparatide as management options for secondary osteoporosis.

Consistent Engagement

Engage target groups through KOL videos & other engaging content formats.

Wider Reach

Digitally reach more HCPs across specialties & geographies by being a part of their educational journey.
Market share case study
Where is my share
Branded Microsite

We went beyond “REACH”

HCP Sentiment Analysis

HCP Sentiment Analysis

  • Unprejudiced social listening to understand trends around the brands, osteoporosis, available molecules & competitors
  • Contents designed as per HCP sentiments to bust myths & address concerns
  • Dynamic content strategy with focus changed to “Boosting immunity”, keeping it relevant to COVID-19 information
  • Spike in viewership & engagement of target HCPs across India

Innovative marketing collaterals

  • Innovative GIF flyers for both online and offline promotion of our partner’s infocenter to HCPs
  • Maximize reach & engagement of target audience even in tier 2 & tier 3 cities with minimum investment
Marketing Collateral
KOL Engagement

An exclusive KOL engagement

  • One of India’s most revered KOLs spoke on ‘Managing osteoporosis: challenges & strategies’
  • Garnered highest engagement & popularity on the platform

Consistently engage & respond to HCPs

Effective engagement through customized & standard responses to HCPs comments made on the platform

Engaging HCPs


for the three brands within 9 months


for both primary & secondary target
audiences, across metros & non metros


supporting the sales team in their covered
accounts and helping with consistent
messaging in non covered accounts &

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