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Case Study

Fall of the Patent Wall

By 19 February 2022November 28th, 2022No Comments
Fall of the Patient Wall

Global Life Sciences firm went fully digital to address Patent expiry challenge for a gold-standard drug

About the Industry Partner

Our Industry Partner is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, providing healthcare solutions across 170 countries and 5 major therapy areas including diabetes, cardiovascular, oncology, immunology and specialty care. One of its best selling drug-Clopidogrel (an anti thrombotic which is used for secondary prevention of atherosclerotic events in recent myocardial infarction, stroke or established peripheral arterial diseases and acute coronary syndrome) lost its patent exclusivity.

This report discusses the planning and implementation of a comprehensive digital strategy to minimize the impact of revenue loss & maintain profitability.

Business Challenge

The company suffered a huge blow to its revenue & profits after losing market dominance to low-cost generics due to the patent expiry of Clopidogrel, its gold standard clot-buster in the absence of a devoted sales team.

Target Audience

Interventional Clinical Cardiologists
Interventional Clinical Cardiologists
Consulting Physicians

Marketing Objectives Identified

Pharma Acquisition


  • Reduce dissonance in lost customer base through digital connect.
  • Brand Switch from Aspirin & Ticagrelor.
  • Increase brand awareness & recognition.
Customer Retention


  • Improve customer stickiness & loyalty by consistent HCP engagement
  • Increase consumption among multi-brand users by influencing intent to prescribe.

How They Did It

They shifted to digital marketing while cutting down sales force cost & maintaining profitability.


Pre- launch Plan

  • Identified target audience across Docplexus & Industry Partner’s HCP universe
  • Segmentation done on the basis of specialty, clinical belief & prescription pattern

Content Plan

  • Engaging formats like case studies, polls, KOL videos & animated videos to emphasize the efficacy & benefits of Clopidogrel over generic versions

Communication Plan*

  • Hyper-personalized messages on the basis of identified segments

Solution Strategy

  • Creation of an “Infocenter,” a dedicated brand/ therapy knowledge microsite to educate and engage target HCPs across 3,80,000+ registered HCPs on Docplexus platform
Approach for pharma marketing
Communication plan for pharma marketers
Branded Microsite


Interventional Clinical Cardiologists
Engaging formats

Animated videos, webinars, infographics & case discussions led to high reach & engagement across HCPs.

Hyper-personalized campaigns

Customized content marketing based on geography & prescription pattern..

HCP insights

Mindset analysis to identify knowledge, perception & behavior of HCPs.


Widened Range

Widened reach across metro & non-metro through digital medium only.

Increase Awareness Among HCPs

Increased awareness among target audience led to change in prescription patterns.

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