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Digital Healthcare Marketing

Decoding the medical minds for better healthcare marketing outcomes

By 26 July 2023No Comments
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Understanding customer or consumer behavior is pivotal to creating a winning marketing strategy for your brand portfolio. With more than 100 healthcare brands fighting for top of mind recall from the same set of doctors, it is pertinent to understand what the doctor really wants, what his/her pain-points are and why he is prescribing your brand or a competitor brand.

Let’s deep dive into how healthcare marketers gather market and competitor intel.

Historically, the way market intelligence was gathered had limitations (ref: image 1.1). However, new-age approaches focus on maximizing the number of touchpoints.

Mindset analysis - Traditional approaches

What is Mindset Analysis and how does it serve as the perfect research tool for healthcare brands?

A more effective, scalable, and dynamic way to gauge customer behavior and gather market intelligence is to change the traditional, physical channel to the digital channel.

Docplexus Mindset Analysis helps you to craft your marketing communication strategy based on the attributes that motivate doctors to prescribe in a particular fashion. Talk about the benefits of your brand in a way that influences your doctor’s prescription behavior.

Here are a few top reasons that industry partners from nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics prefer Mindset Analysis over traditional forms of surveys.

  • 🎙Unbiased opinions: Doctors answer questions honestly and anonymously on Docplexus, as they trust the platform not to divulge their personal details. They approach with a mindset of helping their community of peers and experts by sharing their opinions and practices. This exchange provides real insights to shape your marketing strategies.
  • ⏱️ Super convenient: Crisp 5-8 multiple-choice questions are highly preferred by doctors as they take less than 2 minutes to complete. Plus, doctors can respond from anyplace, anytime.
  • 🌍 Large sample size: Reach diverse doctor groups across various geographies and specialties. Gain a comprehensive understanding of their mindsets and awareness/knowledge levels for a deeper connection.

Digital HCP platform like Docplexus, can help you extend your brand outreach to over 3,80,000 verified doctors spanning across 99+ specialties in India, and over 1,00,000+ more from the Middle East, and South East Asia.

  • 🔎 Actionable insights: Define your objectives clearly and get actionable results that uncover those crucial unmet needs of your doctors.
  • 🎯 Strategic approach: Backed by insights, craft a laser-focused marketing campaign that resonates and engages your target doctors like never before.
How to leverage Mindset Analysis for better brand positioning?

Say for example, you want to launch a new brand/ product or revamp an existing brand. You could have specific or multi-faceted goals viz. –

  • What appeals to my target doctors?
  • What influences their prescription behavior?
  • Is there a demand that my new product fulfills?
  • What are doctors’ opinions on the usefulness of a specific drug composition?
  • Do I need to revamp my product / drug composition?
  • How is my brand perceived against competitors?

With short and simple online polls, Docplexus not only helps you interpret qualitative and quantitative data but also helps you in crafting surveys that are designed to get you maximum output (engagement).

hcp polls

Mindset analysis can further help you gauge the change in HCP perceptions and sentiments –

Say you hosted a KOL webinar advocating a recent clinical trial – You would want to measure the impact of this webinar or simply get HCP feedback, that’s where pre-and-post mindset analysis serves as the perfect solution. If you further want to understand if doctors are liking your content, way of delivery, format chosen, speakers or KOL chosen, topic chosen – you can quickly get a sentiment analysis done to see what is Yay and what is Nay!

The best part – You can create customizations like defining the mix of TAs (therapeutic areas) for the survey, their locations, career stage, etc.

Docplexus Mindset Analysis enables the healthcare companies with evidence-led research. So, you can improvise offerings to provide scientific information that is relevant, engaging, and adds true value to doctors’ practice.

Don’t wait, start crafting solid content marketing strategies that bridge the gap in medico-marketing communications.