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Content Based Digital Marketing: an Integral part of your Communication with Doctors

By 12 January 2022May 17th, 2022No Comments
Content Marketing

During the past decade, marketing strategies have evolved and are now user-centric as compared to the traditional approach of marketing products that the company can offer. In our case, our users are doctors, so the marketing strategies that we develop need to be based on the requirements of doctors.
In case of the healthcare sector, especially for doctors, they are very busy with their work and rarely have time to entertain medical representatives. During their spare time, doctors visit different websites or medical platforms to enrich their knowledge with fast accessible easy to use information about different diseases, different medicines that they can prescribe for various diseases, and latest updates about medical devices that they use during their practice. All this information can be presented to the doctors by providing them good content that they are interested in. As long as they get good content, they are satisfied.
Therefore, high-quality content is an important factor for any Pharma company to attract, and interact with its customers i.e. Doctors, and to achieve top rankings. A good quality content would definitely attract users’ attention and engage them, thus making quality of content an integral part of developing effective inbound marketing strategies. Where inbound marketing refers to various marketing activities that bring users in, rather than marketers having to go out and get prospective clients attention.
Content Marketing: Why do we need it?
In ranking of the most used marketing¬†buzzwords,¬†‚ÄėContent Marketing‚Äô takes a leading position since 2013, and is also considered as a controversial topic for discussion in the advertising and marketing world. In brief, content marketing is any marketing strategy that involves creating, sharing and publishing of suitable content to acquire and retain users.
The traditional approach of marketing has decreased in popularity over the years. Today glossy ads are met with disinterest, online banner automatically hide from user focus, and their internal protections filter out any information that users do not trust or there is no benefit.
This is where content marketing comes into the picture.
Today, the companies have stepped back on marketing and promoting their products directly. Instead, an increasing number of companies focus on user benefits and customer satisfaction at the forefront when developing their marketing strategies, and not just the benefits that the customer experiences through the use of the product. This added value or benefit can be denoted through the mediation of relevant information or entertainment, with the belief that if you provide positive relevant information to your customers, they are bound to listen about your company product in response.
Through Content Marketing:

  • You establish yourself as a trusted source of quality information and troubleshooting
  • You prove that any contact with you, your brand and your product is useful
  • You prove to your customers with quality content that you are familiar with the topic

 How pharma can take their content to doctors via DocPlexus
Docplexus is an online community of more than 115,000+ Indian doctors with the vision of Empowering Doctors using every available tool and information to help them make better clinical decisions. In our community, doctors share and discuss patient cases, read articles and find latest Rx news in the healthcare industry.
The platform offers an exclusive access to unique and genuine customer insights on perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of the medical community. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies profit from exceptional innovative communicational opportunities that can drive best-in-class relationship-oriented customer and KOL interaction, communication and insight. Our business mission is to help companies to transform their version of the New Commercial Model into actionable programs that create results.
We ensure that all our clients can get the services that make them highly effective with digital marketing. We provide all the knowledge, expertise and tools for making you successful in reaching your goals.

Docplexus – Pharma’s Trusted Marketing Partner