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Leading Pharma Companies Digital Communication Amidst COVID-19?

By 15 April 2020May 19th, 2022No Comments
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COVID-19 is turning the tide for pharma companies, in the sense that their contribution is getting recognized, probably more than ever. One of the most influential voices recently used the word “geniuses” to describe pharma leaders. It is a significant development to say the least. To go along with the current tide, pharma companies digital communication, R& D department, and supply chain machinery need to:

i) Help HCPs and patients make it through this disruptive time, and cater to their changing online behavior. Here’s how you can digitally engage HCPs’ during COVID-19.

ii) Avoid disruptions in R&D and clinical trials.

iii) Maintain the global supply of essential equipment, drugs and medical devices to treat patients in the face of supply chain disruption.

For pharma marketers, the third question holds a lot of value as they have the onus to push the “message” of their brands. During a pandemic, only an informed, relevant and precise communication can help a pharma brand connect better with HCPs.

Here are a few leading examples of pharma companies digital communication amid COVID-19

In the current scenario, pharma companies digital communication cannot be just an extension of the marketing intent. It has to be an extension of their solidarity with the HCPs across the globe. Some of the leading pharma companies are doing exactly that.

Below is a social media post from a pharma giant. The purpose of the post is to show the company’s comradeship and initiatives in fighting COVID-19. The post mentions R&D, clinical testing and the company’s manufacturing capacity, all in the context of COVID-19.

Pharma Communication

Here’s another example. The company is showing its concern for the healthcare workers by talking about its charitable initiatives. So, it’s not only about molecules and clinical trials, but people and their pain points.

Pharma digital communication

Another classic example is that of a top biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the development of drugs against neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. The company is resorting to digital platform and using webinars and social media to market its newly FDA-approved product (a migraine drug) to both doctors and patients.

According to CEO of the company it is important to provide quick relief to patients from migraines in this COVID-19 crisis.

It is true that in such stressful times, migraine patients are at a higher risk of experiencing heightened attacks. Therefore, the company’s message is simple – Keep the migraine patients hale and hearty so that HCPs can attend to other serious cases. It is a very relevant and thoughtful approach with respect to pushing their drug.

Being a community of 3,50,000+ HCPs, we are providing pharma marketers not just a buzzing ecosystem but a variety of content formats to reach out to their audience. Yes, we are hosting multi-location webinars for our knowledge partners and clients, but we are also creating special campaigns and posts on some of the most relevant topics like COVID-19, to appreciate and encourage social responsibility. 

One of our clients took a commendable initiative to acknowledge the contributions of HCPs, and they made a heartfelt video for healthcare professionals. We did a campaign for them and posted the video on our platform. It received a tremendous response and was viewed by 700+ HCPs. Here is a glimpse of that.

Healthcare workers
For HCPs, it was something refreshing and “need of the hour” kind of post. This was quite evident from the response they gave. Here are a few comments from the post.

So, the takeaway for pharma marketers is – Pharma companies digital communication strategy should not just be limited to webinars. Digital solutions like special campaigns and promotional posts can also be used to push their “message.” Moreover, in the current scenario, online CMEs are being sought after by doctors more than ever. We have been actively publishing such courses on our platform, enrolling thousands of our community members.

‘Infocenter’ is another key solution of ours that can be leveraged to the maximum. It corresponds to pharma companies’ own microsites that present their brand’s content in interesting formats. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, ‘Infocenter’ is an ideal channel for targeted and interactive communication with HCPs.

The digital ecosystem of healthcare is well-connected and perfectly robust to tackle the onslaught of COVID-19. Docplexus is playing its own pertinent role in this ecosystem, and pharma marketers just need to grab the pulse of the situation and get on with it.

Are you looking to explore digital solutions to reach out to HCPs? Are you looking to communicate your brand’s story in the times of COVID-19? You can reach us at +91 9881969598 

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