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How Pharma Marketers can be 10 Times More Effective with Digital Marketing

By 11 December 2015May 17th, 2022No Comments
Be 10 times more effective with your digital marketing

Pharma marketing is a seriously crowded business. Every pharma company is offering a bewildering range of products to ever-harder to reach doctors. Thus, the model of pushing pharma products can quickly bear fruits or perish in no time with absurdly huge costs.
It is imperative now, that pharma companies start hedging their bets. It is essential that risks-to-rewards ratio must be tilted in pharma’s favor. However, most of the pharma players are slow to adapt to the new agile marketing strategies, making it hard to change the odds in their favor. One reason is the stringent rules and regulations regarding direct marketing. Another reason is that pharma companies are still following old-school marketing strategies of push marketing, trying to sell volumes rather than establishing their loyal customer base.
Pharma companies are finding it hard to befriend their marketplace where everything and everyone is now digitally connected. Pharma companies thus need to have best balancing practice, maintaining their existing selling line and making use of digital age to create new relationships. In this age, having “best science” isn’t enough, hence marketers need to have best relationships in order to distinguish their product lines.
Is the Picture All too Dim?
Well, the answer is “no!!” Pharma companies at the moment sit on a pile of opportunities. Most of the companies have their loyal customer base. But they need to be aware regarding “How to be specific?” in their marketing approach. Increasing number of regulations are putting pressures on their current “Push” marketing strategy. Pharma needs to be more innovative in marketing.
What Pharma Industry Needs to Consider?
Pharma industry needs to consider the socioeconomic changes that have occurred in the market. People are connected to each other via strong and ever evolving social media. Not only patients but doctors too are increasingly getting attached with social media and the internet altogether. Due to which, doctors (the primary and most important clientele of the pharma companies) are weighing every single marketing proposal they receive.
With ever than stronger social and electronic media, doctors are very cautious about their approach and relationship with pharma companies.
Still, Can You Create Efficient Marketing?
Yes, pharma can maintain their profits by adapting to market their products, provided they are responsive, innovative and fast in changing their marketing strategies from time to time.  It is imperative that pharma companies must allot more resources, both time and money to understand the changing dynamics of the market. The best way to grasp all these insights is to see how doctors feel about certain products, their effectiveness and also as a brand. Getting these insights is easier than before by adapting to online marketing strategies.
How to Get 10 times better Results in Indian Market?
Well, everyone knows, that Indian market is a very deal-oriented market. The pharma companies expect movement of large volumes through doctors and similarly a number of doctors also expect likewise returns. Well, that is about to change with the new laws. Thus, pharma companies will now have to focus towards “Real Marketing” strategies. Let’s see, how typical pharma company can change the way it does things, and get 10 times better results.

  • Believe in the Technology: Technology is here to stay. A person adopts to new technology, then why not pharma companies? Befriending the technology and various products will give pharma companies new market insights.
  • Create Brand Identity in Cyberspace: Pharma companies need to create and strengthen their brand identity in cyberspace too. Cyberspace is versatile but can be very specific in delivering Pharma’s message to their clients.
  • Connect with Customers Using Technology: Using a technology to connect with the clients and customers. Pharma companies will probably know more about customer by using technology than they ever knew. It will help them to understand customer’s priorities. It will help to deliver a customized solutions to their customer.
  • Create a Channel for Communication: Use social media and targeted platforms like Docplexus which directly connect clients. The customers are the best source of market insights. Pharma should always listen to their customers’ needs and Docplexus is the best channel to do so.
  • Craft Impactful Content: Once the needs of the customers are understood, pharma companies need to create most accurate, effective and educating message for customers. The content should be concise, well-tailored and specifically scientific for a target market. This content should also be informative and should have visual and verbal cues that link the content to the brand-value.
  • Create a Feedback Loop: Pharma companies should receive, evaluate and use the feedback sent by the customers. The most effective feedback loop can be created on Docplexus where participation and expression of the opinions by Doctors is objective. Objectivity leads to better insights, better insight guide through turbulent market.

Docplexus is an online community of more than 115,000+ Indian doctors with the vision of Empowering Doctors using every available tool and information to help them make better clinical decisions. In our community, doctors share and discuss patient cases, read articles and find latest Rx news in the healthcare industry.
At Docplexus we provide solutions to Pharma Companies for effective online marketing by

  • Providing a platform for engagement with doctors to discuss a variety of medical topics ranging from cases to practice management.
  • Ensuring content of most relevance is generated by efficient experts and delivered to specifically intended doctors.
  • Updating doctors with current trends and research so that they become self-motivated to search for the tools and resources which suit their purpose. Relationship with more aware doctors is much more rewarding for Pharma Companies.
  • Bringing them on Docplexus platform which acts a “One stop Solution” for information, campaigns and products as well as essential feedback solutions.

The platform offers an exclusive access to unique and genuine customer insights on perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of the medical community. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies profit from exceptional innovative communicational opportunities that can drive best-in-class relationship-oriented customer and KOL interaction, communication and insight. Our business mission is to help companies to transform their version of the New Commercial Model into actionable programs that create results.

Docplexus – Pharma’s Trusted Marketing Partner