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How Pharma can Engage Effectively With Indian Doctors on Docplexus

By 13 October 2015May 17th, 2022No Comments
6 Times more Physician Visits to Community Contribution

Six times more clicks than an average community contribution. Quite a success for Docplexus!

But why do we tell you about it? Not intended to indicate our success, rather we would like to inform our key learnings so that you too can benefit from them.

To generate insights, Docplexus is constantly looking for new ways to enable doctors. Every day we add new content on Docplexus which generates intriguing discussions and very good user engagement.

Expensive trouble for the doctors

A few weeks ago on Docplexus we posted a heated discussion about Violence against doctors: which shows doctors are afraid for their own lives. This post generated a productive discussion amongst doctors, who exchanged views on their attempts to improve the quality of healthcare fraternity and personal safety of doctors in India.

Docplexus seizes the opportunity for dialogue

A summary of the post thread from the extensive discussion between doctors has been reproduced below. This discussion met with a positive response, simultaneously crystallized in the comments the great uncertainty of the doctors on various medico-legal aspects.
Here are a few sound bites from the discussion:
As part of a series of articles, the content on Docplexus attempts to inform users about the current legal situations in India.
When looking at the number of visits we were amazed. Even 48 hours after publication of the article 644% higher contribution was recorded as compared to the average contribution! Numerous comments show that we have hit the mark.

What can that mean for you

This current example shows us once again, what chance you as a pharmaceutical company have with your target audience. Successful dialogue increases the interest and commitment of physicians and thus the traffic of your platform.
One way to interact with physicians is via Docplexus. Use the comment function, and listen to your audience exactly. It’s worth it! Because our experience has shown that there is often basic and seemingly mundane information that the doctors are missing in India.
Docplexus is an online community of more than 115,000+ Indian doctors with the vision of Empowering Doctors using every available tool and information to help them make better clinical decisions. In our community, doctors share and discuss patient cases, read articles and find latest Rx news in the healthcare industry.
The platform offers an exclusive access to unique and genuine customer insights on perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of the medical community. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies profit from exceptional innovative communicational opportunities that can drive best-in-class relationship-oriented customer and KOL interaction, communication and insight. Our business mission is to help companies to transform their version of the New Commercial Model into actionable programs that create results.

With more than 1,30,000+ doctors as members, Docplexus is India’s largest and fastest growing online platform of doctors practising modern medicine. Docplexus empowers Indian doctors to make better clinical decision, connect and network with peers and build their online reputation. Docplexus focuses on peer-to-peer exchange of patient cases, dialogue and interdisciplinary learning to improve medical outcomes. It is a trusted and secure platform accessible to verified Allopathic doctors only and offers knowledge centres, treatment guidelines, certified educational resources and latest medical news

Some key numbers
  • 130000+ doctors across 83 specialities and 1500 cities
  • 12000 doctors log on website daily
  • 10000 clinical cases already discussed
How we help pharma companies

At Docplexus, We ensure that all our clients get the services that make them highly effective in engaging with doctors. We provide all the knowledge, expertise and tools for making pharma companies successful in delivering your message and broadening your horizon by increasing engagement with the doctors. Docplexus is your digital Partner to engage with Indian doctors
Contact Us – To know how we can help in Your Engagement Strategy with Doctors, contact Mr. Nikesh Dhunde (AVP Sales) on / +91-9860238881 and we will be happy to assist you.