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eHealth: Docplexus Leverages Technology To Improve Healthcare

By 31 January 2017No Comments

Technological advancements are revolutionizing the healthcare sector like never before. Electronic health records are leading to higher efficiencies, lower errors and faster access to patient’s medical history. Telemedicine now enables remote patient monitoring and care. Wearable medical devices continuously track vital parameters and instantly alert doctors and patients in case of any deviations.

Docplexus has used technology to create a professional networking community of Indian doctors for fulfilling their information needs. The Docplexus portal serves as an ideal medium for peer-to-peer interactions and consultations. It keeps doctors up-to-date on medico-legal trends and healthcare policy. Clinicians upgrade themselves through its CME programs and KOL interviews. All of this is done in a secure environment which allows access to only verified allopathic practitioners.

In an interview with eHealth, CEO & Co-founder, Phanish Chandra, talks about Docplexus’ inception, its USP and how it is improving medical outcomes in India. He also reveals the company’s future plans.

Read the interview here:

With more than 1,75,000 doctors on board, Docplexus is India’s largest and fastest growing online platform of doctors practicing modern medicine. It empowers Indian doctors to make better clinical decisions, network with peers and build their online reputation. We focus on the peer-to-peer exchange of patient cases, dialogue and interdisciplinary learning to improve medical outcomes. Our trusted and secure platform is accessible only to verified Allopathic doctors and offers knowledge centers, treatment guidelines, certified educational resources and the latest medical news.

Some Key Numbers
175000+ doctors across 89 specialties and 1500 cities
12000 doctors log onto our website daily
12000 clinical cases already discussed
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