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Express Pharma: Docplexus CEO On The Growing Alliance Between Pharma And Telehealth

By 2 August 2020December 14th, 2022No Comments
Dr. Mukesh Parmar Docplexus

Pharma Industry, which heavily relies on physical interactions, is rapidly adapting to digital channels for communicating with physicians and patients as a result of COVID-19.
We’re now witnessing a progressive alliance between pharma players and Telehealth/ Exclusive doctor-only platforms like Docplexus.
Recently, Dr. Mukesh Parmar, CEO, Docplexus, spoke to Express Pharma on the causes and implications of this paradigm shift.

From a pure product focus, which was the case earlier, efforts are transitioning to an overall service or solution-based offering. Hence, marketers are now pushed to think disruptive and explore alliances, tech solutions that will augment the adoption of a product, improve brand recall and also allow patient outreach. In short, it’s all about agility and seamless connectivity.

Talking about how Docplexus helps pharma marketers in this new scenario, he said:

Having rich data-backed insights into doctors’ behaviours and mindset, meticulous medical content creation experience and digital marketing expertise, allow our industry partners to customise their content formats, campaigns and improve conversations around their target therapy areas and brands using data and our AI-based algorithms. Tapping into our existing huge KOL network enables them to create Advisory Boards for guidelines, brand equity building and R&D.

Dr. Parmar also elaborated on the significance of Telehealth in making the pharma marketing efforts more evidence-based:

Given the governance on data protection, UCPMP and regulatory compliances for HCPs, most businesses are quickly adapting to more evidence-based online marketing (versus flagrant brand promotion, which worked better in offline methods for them) along with an emphasis on different success parameters like the pirate metrics (AAARR – Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention and Revenue) that will allow them to have ‘SMART’ goals and track returns.

It is evident that Pharma and Healthcare marketing has moved very swiftly from “Phygital” (digital as an option) to “Digital” (digital as the key channel) approach. Docplexus continues to be in a ‘’sweet spot’’ to meaningfully connect two key healthcare stakeholders – the Doctors and the Industry with a range of offerings for both communities to instigate conversations and collaborations that are dynamic and nimble.

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