Global Diabetes

Even after 100+ years of insulin discovery, millions of people around the globe do not have access to basic care and support to manage diabetes.

Healthcare experts from across Asia & Latin America are going to be discussing access to diabetes care and will shed light upon treatment guidelines, recent advances and complications.






Global attendees




Webinar on Treatment Guidelines

Current Guidelines for Diabetes: Practical Use and Key Opinions

12th Nov 2021 5.00 PM IST

Panel Discussion on New technologies for Glycemic Control

Global Diabetes Summit: Experts’ Round-Up of the Latest Developments

13th Nov 2021 5.00 PM IST

Accredited CME on Recent Advances in Therapeutics in Diabetes

Trend Talks: Today and Beyond with Diabetes care

14th Nov 2021 5.00 PM IST

Speakers’ Details

Dr. V Mohan

Founder Chairman & Chief Diabetologist Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Speciality Centre, Chennai

Dr. Supratik Bhattacharya

Director & Consultant SKN Diabetes & Endocrine Centre, Kolkata.

Dr. Inass Shaltout

President (AASD) & Professor of Internal Medicine & Diabetes Cairo University, Egypt.

Dr.A G Unnikrishnan

CEO & Chief of Endocrinology Chellaram Diabetes Institute, Pune

3 Days Discourse on Access to Diabetes Care, Treatment Guidelines, Recent Advances & More!

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