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Infocenters: Connecting Pharma With Doctors

By 23 October 2019July 11th, 2023No Comments

What do Doctors want from Pharma today? – is a pertinent question that hovers over every pharma marketer’s mind! You can only deliver the best when you know what your audience requires.

Pharma has to operate within tight regulations when it comes to marketing their products, hence, it is no surprise that the industry is hesitant in trying out new strategies. To use innovative marketing tools carefully, marketers must find out what are some unattended reasons that irk doctors about pharma marketers today and what really impresses them.

Infocenter What Doctors wants

Evidently, doctors are disillusioned by conventional pharma tactics. Considering this, and the fact that they have turned digitally-savvy, content marketing through digital channels is the most lucrative channel of engagement for pharma marketers.

While there is an array of digital channels to connect to doctors, a report stated that 62% of doctors chose websites as their major channel to access medical information. This certainly pulls pharma’s focus to market their content via websites. In fact, every pharma company owns websites/apps but they still fail to captivate physicians’ attention. 

In such a scenario, choosing to partner with a neutral 3rd party platform like Docplexus and installing a micro-site known as the Infocenter, to engage more than 380,000+ verified clinicians from 99+ specialties, will gain best marketing outcomes.

What’s an Infocenter?

An Infocenter is an exclusive microsite that hosts product/therapy-specific content on Docplexus platform. This microsite allows users (physicians) to enjoy easy navigation through a range of offerings about your brand and your therapy. It also promotes two-way communication between the physicians present on the platform and your representatives. An Infocenter is tailor-made as per your instructions to meet different goals and induce meaningful engagement with the physicians.

Why an Infocenter is The Best Way to Tap Doctors?

  • Pull marketing: Infocenter enables a smooth process of grabbing doctors’ attention with an array of varied content designed around your offerings. The constant postings and the ease to access your product information from any place and at any time puts doctors in charge of how they want to connect with your content.
  • Educative and Neutral: When it comes to proprietary websites and apps, the preset notion about Pharma of being biased about their content dominates a physician’s mind. Hence, installing a micro-site in collaboration with a third-party aggregator is the way to bring neutrality into the picture. In addition to that, a micro-site is designed in a way that it looks highly educative, exactly what doctors want from pharma!
  • Customized Content: Before embarking on content marketing, we conduct a baseline survey to understand the current mindset of your target audience. After understanding the info-gaps, customized content is strategized to address specific pain points, thus giving you the best possible outcomes.

Infocenter End to end offerings

How will an Infocenter Benefit Your Brand?

Infocenter is one solution for multiple marketing objectives such as:

Brand Recall: Marketers can kindle a top-of-mind recall value for the brand and the product among the community of physicians. Your micro-site will efficiently perpetuate the physicians’ interest in your product and brand by hosting a range of content pieces and campaigns.

Market Expansion: Docplexus Infocenter is your getaway to reach out to 380,000+ doctors from 99+ specialties and 1600+ towns and cities. Creates a hook for the healthcare specialists from varied branches with constant postings on new indications, line extensions, and cross-therapy uses of your molecule.

KOL Engagement: It connects, cultivates and nurtures a meaningful relationship with key influencers in the field of medicine. It also positions you as an equal partner in improving medical outcomes.

Therapy Leadership: As a brand, you get the power to mold opinions through content that addresses physicians’ specific concerns and provides appropriate solutions. Infocenter can feature KOL insights, clinical updates, and news around a particular therapy that may position your brand as a leader in the respective therapy area.

Watch the video to learn more about Infocenters.

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