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FOGSI-FIGO Recognizes Docplexus As Media & Digital Partner

By 21 June 2016May 17th, 2022No Comments

Docplexus, India’s Largest and Fastest growing community of Doctors, is now an Official Media and Digital Partner of Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI). FOGSI is the umbrella organization of all practicing Obstetricians and Gynaecologists with over 25,000 members. Docplexus will partner with FOGSI-FIGO for its conference on “Best Practices, Breakthroughs and Dilemmas in OBGYN, 2016”. The conference will be held in Pune during 24th-26th June, 2016.
As a partner, Docplexus will provide audio-visual coverage to all the events of the conference. In addition, Docplexus will interact with India’s top KOLs in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The interaction with KOLs and other events will be video-recorded for the benefit of FOGSI members and other doctors who cannot travel to the conference. All multi-media content will be hosted and published on Docplexus, so the community of over 1,35,000 doctors can benefit from the insights shared during the events.
Great Opportunity for Doctors on Docplexus
Docplexus has once again shown that it lives by its motto,“Empowering Doctors”. The major focus of this collaboration is to provide best quality resources and insights to enable doctors for continuous learning and improvement.
Through Docplexus, doctors can easily access the discussions and views of their peers which they would miss because of the busy schedule of the conference. Doctors will be able to choose from various topics which will be discussed, at their convenience. In addition, these archived discussions will be available to the doctors at finger-tips whenever they want to refer to them.
Wonderful Opportunity For FOGSI-FIGO
FOGSI-FIGO organizing committee recognized Docplexus as the Best Partner to spearhead the awareness and educational initiatives to its member doctors. As Docplexus has reached to over 1,35,000 doctors in India, spread across all the states and union territories, FOGSI too can easily increase the reach to the OBGYN community of India. Being on Docplexus, FOGSI members can continue the peer discussion, even if they are out of their office.
Dr. Bharati Dhorepatil, Organizing Chairperson and Vice President, FOGSI said,

Bharati Dhorepatil FOGSI
“We have seen enriching discussions on Docplexus which have time and again cleared the air about various issues faced by OBGYN community of India. We also have our peers sharing knowledge from all across India and even helping each other when they have complicated cases on Docplexus. We have seen how Docplexus has responsibly handled delicate topics in OBGYN, which we tend to discuss less. Hope our collaboration will benefit both FOGSI members and doctors from other specialties.”

FOGSI-FIGO will also gain easy access to a large community of OBGYN to communicate and strengthen Federation’s array of initiatives.
Why This Partnership Matters?
Team Docplexus is very excited to cover this conference. We believe that this partnership with FOGSI-FIGO is a great achievement for us as well as healthcare in India.
Through this partnership, Docplexus and FOGSI-FIGO both will help gynaecologists and obstetricians to learn about best practices, breakthroughs and practice solutions in the specialty. This will immensely help patients too, as doctors enriched with the latest knowledge can treat the patients with effective treatments, medications and strategies. Overall, this partnership is a win-win endeavor for the healthcare sector of India.

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