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Innovative Story From Docplexus Editorial Team Grabs National Attention

By 21 July 2016No Comments
cyberchondria Docplexus

An expert Docplexus Editorial Team is making strides in National Media by addressing concerns which have never been addressed before. Dr. Koushik Mukherjee, Senior Team Member of Docplexus Editorial Team recently published an article on general public’s habit of googling medical symptoms and then self-diagnosis.
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Known as “cyberchondria“, the growing habit of a general public of googling symptoms can be catastrophic for the patients and doctors who receive such patients. Dr. Mukherjee’s article shed light on this menace which got leading medical practitioners and columnist talking about this condition.
The article was cited in leading newspapers like Mumbai Mirror, Ahmedabad Mirror, Pune Mirror by Columnist Dr. Altaf Patel, who is also a member of Docplexus.
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To Read the article by Dr. Altaf Patel please click:

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