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Doctor Wali Diwali Campaign: A Case Study

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How Docplexus reached 12,007 members of its community through a video campaign on Diwali

Diwali Campaign Video Screenshot
Product Introduction
Special days are an excellent opportunity to engage your audience on social media.  Docplexus plans innovative campaigns for its doctor community on festivals, health days and days of national importance. These campaigns not only bring otherwise busy professionals together but also promote a sense of belonging to the platform.
Read on to know how we reached 12,007 doctors on India’s biggest festival through our campaign #DoctorWaliDiwali.
Brand Introduction
A global online community of 300,000+ doctors from 1,500 towns and cities in 94 specialities, Docplexus facilitates peer to peer exchange of knowledge, discussions, and learning, thus helping improve the overall healthcare outcomes. We are the portal of choice for nearly one-third Indian doctors, lending them a sense of belonging and adding value to their professional lives.
Summary #DoctorWaliDiwali Campaign
Some professions demand commitment even during festivals and medicine is one of them. This Diwali, we developed a video to acknowledge sacrifices physicians make and thank them for their untiring service to society. The video was published on Docplexus portal.

Problem Statement/Objective:

To leverage Diwali in an innovative manner to engage doctors.


To create a touching video for medical professionals on the occasion of Diwali.


‚Äʬ†The video had to have high emotional quotient, so we needed a gripping plot and a great script.

‚ÄĘ Our goal was to produce a video of cinematic quality. While we had the media equipment and technical talent for it, a professional was required to play the lead role – a doctor.

‚ÄĘ With scenes to be shot in an operating theatre, creating the right set up was a formidable task.


Planning & Ideating

At Docplexus, we stay on top of our game by preparing a calendar for all significant days at the beginning of the year.

Having successfully executed the #WorldHeartDay campaign, our team comprising members from digital marketing, product development, content writing, community management, and audio-visual media, brainstormed on the new idea on October 8, a month before Diwali.

After an hour’s deliberation, the team decided that the campaign would revolve around expressing gratitude towards our community for staying committed to their profession even as others get involved in festivities with their family and friends.

Compelling Script

The content writing team swung into action for this crucial part of the project. They first laid down the plot for the video. The idea was to emotionally drive doctors. Then, the writers meticulously penned down every scene of the video with the tiniest detail required for the shoot.

Team Docplexus Writing the Script 


For the best output, the team had decided that they will rehearse the act before the shoot. A couple of dry runs helped our writers identify areas to be modified in the script so as to create an impactful final version.

Rehearsing for Perfect Execution  


Identifying the Lead Actor

It was planned to hire a professional actor to play the lead role. The team called out applications from models and actors in Pune and Mumbai to participate in the audition. When we could not find a perfect match despite auditioning several candidates for a week, we decided to explore other options.

Our publication manager, Radhika Bhave, rose up to the challenge and delivered a flawless performance despite her pressing commitments.

Choosing the Right Location

The video is about a gynaecologist who receives an emergency call while leaving the hospital for home on Diwali. She gets busy attending to a woman in labour while her husband and daughter anxiously await her return to join them for the festivities. A major part of this had to be shot in a hospital environment.

Our community managers obtained permission from Gupte Hospital owned by renowned obstetrician-gynaecologist Dr. Sanjay Gupte in Pune for the shoot. However, safety and hygiene parameters restricted us from shooting in the operation theatre. Our media team then created a similar set up in a patient room.

Setup at Gupte Hospital 


For the rest of the video, we used locations in Pune.

Shooting the Video

Keeping in mind logistics and time slots provided by the hospital, a two-day schedule was laid down for the shoot. The opening scene showing the doctor in her clinic, the scenes in the operation theatre and the ending of the video where the doctor is celebrating Diwali with her family were shot on Day 1. The shoot started at 12.30pm at Gupte Hospital and ended at Radhika’s home at 1.30am.

Day 1 at Gupte Hospital


On Day 2, we shot the remaining scenes of the video that lasted for nearly 4 hours.

Detailed planning and the dry runs paid off and the shoot was completed smoothly and on-time.

A crucial part of the video was the emotional lines that expresses the doctor’s feelings while putting a patient above their own family. The lines were the video’s soul and had to be delivered with empathy. We identified an in-house singing talent who invoked the right feelings through her voice.

Post Production

Video editors enhanced the quality of the video with the best picture, sound, and effects to bring in a cinematic quality to the final product.

Video Editors Giving the Final Touch 


Watch the full video below


With the final video ready, the digital marketing team rolled up their sleeves and promoted it to maximum number of doctors on Docplexus. They kindled excitement among the audience by sharing a teaser post on November 4.

Teaser Message

Teaser campaign
Many doctors expressed their excitement for watching the video. It was posted on Dhanteras on Docplexus platform.

Diwali Email Campaign final

Key Outcomes

Reach – 12,007¬†, Engagement ‚Äď 200
The video published on November 5 evening, was well-received by our community. Doctors shared their experiences of being in similar situations and posted their heartfelt messages for their peers. We engaged nearly 200 doctors on Diwali.
We could have garnered more engagement had we sent the campaign a day before.
Few comments from doctors
Comment - Dr Subhadra Jalali
Comment - Dr Kumar Nath Tripathy
Comment - Dr Amit Kumar
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