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Digital Influencer Marketing, The Way Pharma Can Get Best Results

By 16 September 2016May 17th, 2022No Comments
digital influencer marketing, a leading company in marketing showed that even theories published in Harvard Business Review can be misleading. Harvard Business Review questioned the idea of Influencer Marketing but proved the effectiveness of influencer marketing with hundreds of case evidence. The survey across all the industries showed that over 70% sales are a result of an influence of some kind, and most of the time this influence is personal. With influencer marketing, marketing professionals aim to project their products, the benefits and how they can bring the change in customer mindset.
Pharma companies are not new to this kind of influencer marketing. Pharma companies have been using it for quite some time. However, the strategy for influencer marketing still remains age-old and has not been optimized for this fast-paced technology-driven times.
Why Should Pharma Have Digital Influencer Marketing Strategy?
It’s different from advertising: Unlike conventional marketing efforts, which heavily relies on flyers, handouts, influencer marketing is all about using the influence of influencers from the medical community. It is important to remember, exposure doesn’t always sell, but influence sells all the time.

  • It’s personal: In contrast to advertisements and banners, influencer marketing is more personal. The important aspect of influencer marketing that it connects like-minded and even others to your marketing message. As it shares real life experiences and decision making, there is always a room for interactions and debates that can be in favor of marketers.
  • It’s adaptable: Influencer marketing is a highly dynamic way of marketing in the medical fraternity. Depending upon the audience influencers can easily adapt the different way of communication which relates easily, connects with audiences and importantly understands audience’s viewpoint. Unlike the traditional advertising, where a lot of collateral needs to be created in advance, it is more flexible and is able to deliver an impactful message in a subtle way.
  • It builds trust: Most importantly, influencer marketing is the great way to build trust. It is more trustworthy as personal experiences of influencers and their peers are shared openly without biases. The uninterrupted flow of information builds the trust in audiences.

How should Pharma Engage in Influencer Marketing?

  • Build a strong rapport with influencers: Pharma already knows influencers in the field. Popularly known as KOLs, most of them are established physicians with years of experience and advanced skills. Pharma needs to get them onboard for digital influencer marketing. It is important that Pharma companies show them what is in there for their practice. Communicating how it benefits them to build better peer-to-peer connections is the best way to get them onboard is the most effective and honest pitch.
  • Share insider knowledge with influencers: It is important that Pharma companies understand the value of these KOLs in terms of the impact they can bring in favor of your product. The great way to show them your appreciation and trust is to share insider knowledge (which is not open to market yet) before everyone else. Make your influencers feel privileged. Understanding their concerns and communicating with them about the real value of your product helps you to make them your mouthpiece in an ethical manner.
  • Devise a marketing message adaptable for influencer marketing: It is critical to note that influencer marketing requires altogether different approach. Understand the hooks and nooks for the marketing message. Communicate the marketing goal clearly to influencers and take their opinions before finalizing your marketing message. These insights are crucial and make sure to amalgamate them with your dynamic market assessment. Incorporate the insights from your medical affairs teams and influencers to understand the stress points to be addressed in your marketing activities.
  • Develop content with the help of Influencers: The delivery stage of your influencer marketing is very critical. After understanding the stress-points and pain-points, start working on the content. Great content is the most important aspect of marketing in both digital and through your field-force. For the best message delivery, create and develop the ideas around the in the form of webinars, online CMEs and patient cases that demonstrate the skill and decision making of your influencer. Help them in the delivery of these to your audience through professional platforms.
  • Use right social media: The place where your influencers use their power will define success for your influencer marketing. Using professional social media like Docplexus, which is equipped to help your influencer to deliver, engage and share their experiences at both audience’s and their own convenience is the perfect. Not using right social media can distort the message and result in minimal impact. With over 1,50,000 doctors, both Pharma companies, influencers, and audience doctors are in a win-win situation. Measuring the impact of your marketing message is only possible on the empowered platform. Trust the platform metrics to make sure your influencers help you deliver a marketing message.

How Docplexus Can Help?
Over 2,00,000 doctors are already a member of Docplexus. Each month at least 6,000 new members join Docplexus. Docplexus has helped Indian doctors to connect with each other, even from the remotest locations since 2014. Most of the leading experts are already a member of Docplexus and continuously interact with their peers. The strong sense of comradery is already building up in the doctors’ community.
This is the right time for Pharma to engage with the influencers in the individual specialties. Docplexus has already engaged with many KOLs through Webinars, Online CMEs and for their Expert Insights in the wide range of topics. Our team is highly professional in helping KOLs to engage with their peers. With our experience and expertise, Pharma companies can easily deliver their marketing message with the help of influencers.

Docplexus – Pharma’s Trusted Marketing Partner