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Docplexus Conducts COVID-19 Webinar With IACC For HCPs

By 6 April 2020July 25th, 2022No Comments
Docplexus IACC Webinar

The medical personnel have remained in the frontline to neutralize the COVID-19 outbreak. They are at a higher risk of getting cross-infected, and therefore, have an added layer of responsibility to safeguard themselves.
Even WHO has released guidelines for the medical fraternity, addressing the complications that are involved in handing COVID-19 patients. Special emphasis has been given on the correct use of PPE, and rightly so.
Having a community of 3,50,000+ doctors on board, we have been frequently sharing medical materials, perspectives, and advisories related to COVID-19 on our platform, through a variety of digital solutions, namely Webinars, KOL Interviews, Email Campaigns, etc.
Carrying forward the intent, we organized a multi-location webinar with our knowledge partner IACC (Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists) on “COVID-19 Updates For The Medical Fraternity: Learnings And Guidelines So Far” on 5th April 2020.
Dr. Rajesh Rajan, Dr. Sridhar Jadhav, Dr Shrikant Zanwar, Dr. Arun More, Dr. Vishmay Parmar, Dr. I.V. Siva, and Dr. Pragnesh Shah joined in from different cities and shared their insights.
Here is the entire video of the webinar:

We received an overwhelming response when the webinar went live, and 375+ community members joined the discussion, and asked a variety of questions.
IACC Webinar
We aim to fill the information gap as much as we can during COVID-19, and with that intent we will be conducting more of such webinars in the coming time.
If you would like to partner with us for educating our community of HCPs on COVID-19, feel free to reach us at: +91 9881969598Ā 
About IACC

The Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists, also known asĀ IACC, is a non-profit organizationĀ for cardiologists in India. The association works towards prevention of Cardiovascular DiseasesĀ and the eradication of cardio-vascular mortality in rural India

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