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Chronicles PharmaBiz: Docplexus: Changing the Core of Indian Healthcare

By 9 August 2016March 28th, 2023No Comments
chronicles pharmabiz indian healthcare

Nationally reputed Pharma industry mouthpiece ‚ÄúChronicles Pharmabiz‚ÄĚ has lauded the efforts put in by Docplexus in changing Indian healthcare from the core.

An article published in Chronicles Pharmabiz showcases Docplexus’s initiatives in changing Indian healthcare by connecting and empowering over 1,38,000 registered Indian doctors.

Docplexus connects registered doctors from modern medicine across India, providing them seamless access to clinical insights and empowering them for better clinical decisions. Doctor to doctor linkage is the most critical hurdle in Indian healthcare which has been neglected by both policy-makers as well as other stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

Docplexus has given Indian doctors a unique proposition where the doctors can discuss various problems they face, both clinical and practice related. Doctors are also encouraged to write articles about the insights they have gained through their experiences.

To arm doctors with latest clinical knowledge, Docplexus also conducts live webinars, online CMEs and interviews with KOLs. The interactions at Docplexus are not only important for Doctors but they are also important for other stakeholders, especially Pharma companies. Docplexus also offers a platform for Pharma companies to share proprietary insights with doctors and gain their feedback in a real-time. This impartial, non-intruding channel offers a great platform for Pharma to build a meaningful relationship with Doctors.

Docplexus is the only platform in India which provides a win-win opportunity for all the stakeholders in Indian healthcare ecosystem.
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Docplexus – Pharma’s Trusted Marketing Partner
Docplexus is one of the world’s largest & fastest-growing networks of verified doctors & a trusted marketing partner of pharma, medical devices, diagnostics & nutraceutical companies. We empower our industry partners to meaningfully engage with the medical community through data-driven, evidence-based marketing & brand management solutions such as infocenter (branded microsite), mindset analysis, KOL webinars, sponsored medical updates, online CMEs & more.