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Pharma Calendar for Special Campaigns 2019

By 1 January 2019May 19th, 2022No Comments

Health days, festivals and other marquee occasions are an excellent opportunity for Pharma to organize special marketing campaigns to engage doctors on social media. These Special Campaigns can showcase your audience what your brand truly stands for, the causes you support, and your vision for healthcare.
But hitting the bullseye in terms of message relevance, tonality and timing in an era of “content noise” requires meticulous planning, well in advance. Which is why Docplexus has created Special Day Campaigns Calendar – a Handy Resource for Pharma Marketers wanting to ace their physician engagement goals.

Download Special Campaigns Calendar 2019

With 5+ years of experience in engaging HCPs, Docplexus, a community of 300,000+ doctors, has mastered the Whats and Hows of campaigning to medical professionals. Check out our hugely successful Special Day Campaigns below:

Docplexus Diwali Campaign Case Study
Docplexus Heart Day Campaign Case Study


Kickstart your HCP Marketing for 2019, Download Special Campaigns Calendar Now!


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